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Welcome to the General Season of CLTF2!

Teams/Team Leaders should be following this general checklist/rules for their upcoming matches.
The rules are found here and at the top of the tab.

Failure to follow these rules may result in match results being overturned. Teams must read up on the rules.

4.1 - Regular season takes place over 5 weeks.
4.5 - Regular season matches are played BO2 maps per week. The score line is 2-0 or 1-1. (See 3.8 for match point values). The home team is team A. The pick/ban list for maps is as follows:

  • Team A removes one map.
  • Team B removes one map.
  • Team B removes one map.
  • Team A removes one map.
  • Team A picks one map; Team B chooses the starting side.
  • Team B picks one map; Team A chooses the starting side.

1. Team leaders should be getting in their pick/bans ASAP (Example match page at bottom of page.)
2. Teams should find times that work for both teams. Default times are found on 4.4 if teams are unable to find a time that works.
3. Teams will need to reserve servers for themselves. serveme.tf is the most optimal/easiest way to do this. Follow this video.
4. Teams should understand the 4v4 ruleset before playing. Failure to do so may result in match results reduced or overturned if failure to comply.
5. New teams should check out our guide built for new comp players!



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