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Thread: CustomLanderTF2 | Playoffs Information
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Welcome to the first week of playoffs!
There are a few thing to keep in mind for this upcoming week compared to the regular season.

Matches will be posted within divisions as final matches are completed.

The top 4 teams of the division shall continue to play for this next week. Any team that is below top 4 will not be given a match and the season is over for those teams.

Pick bans have also changed where teams will play a BO3 with the score line of 2-1 or 2-0. Pick bans are as follows. With home team being Team A and away being Team B.
1. Team A removes one map.
2. Team B removes one map.
3. Team A picks one map; Team B chooses the starting side.
4. Team B picks one map; Team A chooses the starting side.
5. Team A removes one map.
6. Team B picks one map; Team A chooses the starting side.

The bracket also looks different compared to other leagues. The 1st and 2nd teams of the division shall face off in the upper bracket, while the 3rd and 4th in the lower bracket. In the lower bracket teams are immediately knocked out of competition for the rest of the playoff season. (i.e. 3rd place team beats 4th place team in first playoff match, team 3 advances and team 4 is removed.) The upper seeded team that is knocked down has another chance in the lower bracket to reach grand finals. A generic bracket is attached.

All outstanding matches must be complete by Friday, May 3rd at default time. Any matches that are not complete within this time will be given a forfeit on both teams if no messaging has occurred within match communications. This will count towards the medal eligibility of teams.

Teams in order to receive their medals must at minimum 1 forfeit within the regular season. Some exceptions may be made however. BYE weeks and other team forfeit do not count towards another teams amount. If you are unsure about this please reach out.

Thread: Week 2 match scheduled wrong, Week 3 match played after Week 2 match, Week 4 match not showing up.
H20Gamez League Admin

I see how many forums you make but I would recommend to ask in the discord. Also playing your week 3 before week 2 is fine as long as they're played. And week 4 matches aren't out yet.

Thread: What does this notification mean?
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BYE weeks are given when odd number of teams sign up. So your team doesn't have to play a match for that week. Next week you'll have a match against another team and play

Thread: CustomLanderTF2 | Regular Season Information/Check List
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Welcome to the General Season of CLTF2!

Teams/Team Leaders should be following this general checklist/rules for their upcoming matches.
The rules are found here and at the top of the tab.

Failure to follow these rules may result in match results being overturned. Teams must read up on the rules.

4.1 - Regular season takes place over 5 weeks.
4.5 - Regular season matches are played BO2 maps per week. The score line is 2-0 or 1-1. (See 3.8 for match point values). The home team is team A. The pick/ban list for maps is as follows:

  • Team A removes one map.
  • Team B removes one map.
  • Team B removes one map.
  • Team A removes one map.
  • Team A picks one map; Team B chooses the starting side.
  • Team B picks one map; Team A chooses the starting side.

1. Team leaders should be getting in their pick/bans ASAP (Example match page at bottom of page.)
2. Teams should find times that work for both teams. Default times are found on 4.4 if teams are unable to find a time that works.
3. Teams will need to reserve servers for themselves. serveme.tf is the most optimal/easiest way to do this. Follow this video.
4. Teams should understand the 4v4 ruleset before playing. Failure to do so may result in match results reduced or overturned if failure to comply.
5. New teams should check out our guide built for new comp players!



Thread: no way yall fw this trash
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enter image description here

Thread: Question
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Thread: CustomLanderTF2 | Announcing Season 4
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enter image description here

After a long time away we are finally ready to announce CLTF2 Season 4! This season we will be running 4v4!

4v4 is played with a class limit of one on each class, besides heavy and medic which can only have one of each per team. 4v4 is a dynamic gamemode where teams are encouraged to swap classes depending on the situation and use different strategies to win.

The regular season consists of five matches. Teams are recommended to find a time that works for both teams during that week of matches. In these matches teams will play two maps from our map pool. These maps are chosen by the team leaders through a pick/ban system. This system can be found here.
This seasons map pool is as follows:
koth_cascade (Default Map)
koth_badlands (Default Map)
The playoff season can be found following the link above.

Signups | March 16th - 27th
Regular Season | March 30th - April 27th
Playoffs | May 4th - May 18th

Yes, CLTF2 will be handing out participation medals to teams that compete within the season! Teams that compete in playoffs will also receive a placement medal!

All our signups take place on our website. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to compete within the season and to sign up. We encourage players to add other players to their roster in case the main players cannot make it.

More information about the tournament and general rules can be found here.

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